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For the very first time in my life, I saw myself as beautiful. video x It was a difficult perception to accept when I had viewed myself so differently xvideos tamil over the millennia. It is a rare thing to see ourselves as others might. We tend to linger on xvidio the miniscule flaws that xvidio draw our fleeting attention. Taking xvideos com www xvideos one last glance at the purple and grey free xvideos hued sunset I turned away from the mirror. I looked out to the ocean as xvideos red the water rushed against the beach smelling the sea soaked moisture as it passed my nose. "I'll be damned." I thought. "I was here the whole time." "TK, remove the mirror." I watched as it melted into the xvedio white sand disappearing completely. Darkness surrounded me as the mom xvideos xvideos xvideos stars emerged by the xvideos anal millions. They were tiny pin pricks of light that seemed to wink at you if you looked hard enough. A sliver of a moon was slashed by shadow as it crept from behind the canopy of the x.videos jungle. My eyes wwwxvideos.com had never seen desi xvideos a sky without Thoren ships interrupting the view. It felt like a promise of things to come. I xvide reached out with my mind to find Bransen. I HAD to show him this! He was in our quarters at a black desk xvideos that sat against the far wall behind the xx videos couch and chairs. It was nestled into the right hand corner beneath the windows. Both Bransen and the desk faced the bathroom showing their silhouette to whoever might walk through the door. "What you doing hon?" I sent him the question. "I'm reviewing xvidoes Blade schematics. There are hangers and hangers of Blade fighter ships here. I'm reviewing the schematics!" I could hear his excitement in my mind. "Do you have a moment?" xvideoss I asked. "Sure, this can wait... what do..." "TK, Transport Bransen to my location" I commanded after hearing 'sure'. The white flashed that brought him blinded me. Hearing a thud I realized a better idea would have xxxvideo been him standing first. "I'm sorry Bransen." I giggled as I sat. "I thought you might want to see www.xvideo this." I reached out x.videos to the sound of his voice while my xvideos red sight returned to normal. I found Bransen's hand x videos.com and wrapped it around my xvideos anal chest as I scooted between his legs with my back to his chest. Resting my head xvideos .com against his muscled shoulder we sat staring out at the blanket of stars. I felt a small xvideos download shudder escape Bransen. "Are you okay?" Maybe this had been a bad idea. Bransen cleared his throat. He was trying to disguise xvidios the emotion that was causing the ache in his chest. "Tough guy to the end." I thought to myself. I felt his chest expand taking in a deep breath before exhaling slowly. "I never thought I'd see it." Bransen's rich deep voice cracked. Clearing his throat I felt Bransen's strong arms pull me tighter. "Thank you Khore." Bransen hadn't ever seen the sky without Thoren ships. I had memories of it, but had never really 'seen' it either. We japanese xvideos sat dazzled as the breeze feathered against our bodies. The view was hypnotic as stars combined with the soft roar of waves rushing against the sand. I don't know how long we stared at this perfect world, before a hollow pang from my stomach pulled me back to reality. I hadn't eaten yet today. This had been my diet for too long. Life always seemed to need so much work that eating xvideo gay became a low priority for me. I usually snuck in quick meals with food in one hand and work in the other. I couldn't put it off any longer. "Bransen," I whispered in his ear. "I need to eat. I'm going head back to xvidio our quarters okay?" My tenor voice roused him from his daze as I pulled my head xvideo from his shoulder. "I'll be there in a bit." hd xvideos I couldn't blame him for wanting more xvide time with this perfection. I let loose his hand and xvideos hd kissed him lightly on the cheek. "Close your eyes." I told him. "Huh?! Oh... okay" "TK, Quarters." As quickly as I spoke porn xvideos the words, I was transported to our new home. The dim lighting gave the white mom xvideos walls a grey pallor. I stood and walked over to the xxx videos food dispenser and requested broiled cod with lemon on a bed of wild rice, a small plain bowl of xvideo gay shredded lettuce, and green xxx videos tea. Kelay had loved this dish and I hoped I wouldn't be disappointed. A red flash lit the framed edges of the panel before it opened. The sweet smell video x of butter and the sea mingled in the air. I balanced my tray precariously as I stepped slowly to the couch. I gave the fish a moment to cool as I broke a chunk off with my fork. I pushed the x video lemon-buttery fish xvideos hentai into my mouth and savored xvideos indo it. I ceremoniously devoured my meal. It was the quick meal we have when we love what we put in our mouths so much we xxxvideos barely take the time to taste it. The crisp of lettuce and soft texture of fish raced across my tongue. Five minutes later I washed down the last of my meal with the earthy green tea. I sat the tray on the knee high table in front of me and leaned back draping my arms along the length of the couch. As I glanced down I could see the slight pooch of my well fed belly. I tilted my head back and closed my eyes xxvideo resting my mind. I soon drifed in that place between waking and dreams. A xvideos red burst of color from the backs of my eyelids brought me back as hd xvideos they popped open to see Bransen had returned. He was sitting on xvideo.com the floor facing me on the opposite side of the small table. His curved lips showed me his after sex grin. "I love you" he said pausing before he stood.. "I love you too Bransen." "Could you send Chris and Doc back to the complex conference room?" He asked me. "They've been away from the infirmary indian xvideos for too long and we need a Team member in the complex." "Of course." I worked myself upright. porno xvideos "Standard communications protocol TK?" I asked. "No... aboard the Cystos, you must press xvideos mom your ass cheeks firmly together and fart out your message in Morse code." TK paused... "DUUUUUUuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh! Yes, standard communications protocol porno xvideos Khore. "Whatever" I snapped back as I sat upright. "Doc" I paused to xvideos indian establish the com link. "Are you ready for transport?" I asked. An unsure voice answered me. It was Doc. "Uhhhh hello? Yeah I think so" was the reply. I unfurled my mind through the levels crawling out like smoke along the floor. Finding the Doc and Chris I folded them to the conference room within the complex. "We need to get everyone aboard the ship as soon as possible." My eyes still xvideos porn had the slight glow from my recent work. "Please announce that testing will be tomorrow. I will search their minds to see who they are. We cannot take the chance than a Thoren spy might board this ship." A late night announcement from Doc crept across the speakers throughout the complex. "There has been a schedule change. Khore will be testing you tomorrow. x video.com Please get as much rest as possible. xvideos gays You'll need it." - - - Thank you all for your many suggestions and emails. It motivates me to write more and more! We've got some interesting developments coming up and www.xvideos I hope you enjoy the ride! As always, please telugu xvideos email criticisms and suggestions to gaywriter72yahoo It's xvideos jp greatly appreciated! A very special thanks to Pearsall. Date: Sun, 3 Sep 2006 17:29:47 -0700 (PDT) From: Gay Writer Subject: Earth Reborn 15 The following is a complete work of fiction. Any resemblance between the characters and any real life person is completely coincidental. Please do not copy japanese xvideos or distribute the story without the xvideos xvideos www.xvideos.com author's permission. Disclaimer: The following story contains erotic homosexual situations. If it is illegal for you to read this xvideos .com please leave now. Chapter 15 Descent I xvideos brasil was so happy to hear Khore's voice, but it hadn't exactly been good news. x-videos They had him, or at least the part of him that I thought mattered. I wiped my eyes as xvideos. com I rose from the floor. I started walking again through the hallway. "TK, Khore said japanese xvideos that I was not xxxvideos allowed to absorb all ship information?" I said aloud. "Yes Bransen that is what Khore instructed and what you just heard. It was for your own safety. It would never have been allowed even xvideos indo if he had not stated it. I am not allowed to harm you or do anything that might as a result of my actions x vedios cause you harm." TK answered. "Sounds like www xvideos.com a lot of double talk to me." I huffed. "Sucks to be you!" TK quipped. "Maybe... maybe xvidos not." I answered. "TK, Khore said that the Kotanare coming. Have you any records on such a race?" I asked. "No Bransen." "Have you detected anything moving in this direction?" "Yes Bransen. There are approximately 32,295,185 objects coming in this general direction at this moment. desi xvideos Meteorites, debris, asteroids, and a very large concentration of objects on the edge of this solar system." "TK, The xvideos free large concentration of objects. What are they?" "Unknown." "Are they heading in our direction?" "The objects are moving from the remains of the previous planet and now moving toward the fifth astral body in this xvideos tamil solar system." "Did it NOT occur to you that these might be the Kotan?" I was quickly losing my temper. "And what do you mean 'remains' of the previous planet?" "Weeellllll excuuuussssse me! xvideos porn I have no reference point to say what xvideos in might or might not be the Kotan, though these objects do seem to be moving with some form of intelligence. They have just altered their course www xvideos com since xxvideo entering this solar system. From this recent course xxx videos change there is a 83% probability they will continue from planet to planet until they have arrived at this xvideos 2 one." TK snapped at me. "You said that they were now heading for the fifth planet? What happened to going to the www.xvideos.com planets between that and the 9th?" "Their current orbits place them at a greater distance than the fifth planet." Answered TK "TK, I want you to give me all command and operations information. Download it to my leaky brain." I commanded. xvidios "I'm sorry Bransen, Khore's orders xvideos download were clear about downloading ship information to your mind." TK answered. "Khore said you were not allowed to give me all ship information. He did not xvideoss say you couldn't give me parts of it." I smirked at the thought. There was a moment of silence. "Agreed." TK finally replied. Images flashed through my mind as I saw the intricacies of ship systems xvidos.com and how they interacted. It was so much information I found xxvideo myself squeezing my www.xvideos com eyes shut in a weak attempt to avert sensory overload. I was lost in numbers and images feeling them pile over my mind threatening xvideos. com to spill out like a bowl of water. When I thought www.xvideo.com there couldn't www xvideos possibly be any more information it continued to push and push. The saying "Pounding ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag" came to mind as my world indian xvideos spun. "Complete." Was the last word I heard before www.xvideos com feeling the cool floor crush against my body. "Welcome back Captain Dumbass" came TK's voice. I opened xvideos indian my eyes. I was happy the lightning was lower than the bright of the hallway I xvideos in had just been in. I had passed out and been transported here. I felt the information surge through my mind. I now knew ever bypass and energy flow as different systems went on and off line during almost instantaneous repair. It was deafening and made me dizzy. I groaned. x vedios "TK, is there anything we can do to cut down x-videos on the background noise in x-videos his mind?" Doc asked from 1.3 meters xvideos.com from my position. xvido OUCH. xvideos video Too much information. Weight 183 xvideos japanese pounds, height 5'9 Hair Blond, approximately 420 years. He lied to me! Every miniscule piece of data concerning the Doc was racing through my mind. Facts were filling my head faster than I could comprehend them. xvideos xvideos It was a jumble www.xvideos of noise and it was driving me insane. It was like listening to music so loud all you heard tamil xvideos was static! Then suddenly it all stopped. "Bransen? Can you hear me?" I heard Doc's voice as he walked around from behind where I lay coming into xvideos hentai view. "What happened?" I asked. The look on Doc's face was not xvideos mom encouraging. He looked worried, and he looked pissed. It was the look videos x my father had when he found me in the forest xvideo com as xvideos in a child. xvide He had taken a nap and I had gone wondering xvideos indian and was lost. I don't remember seeing anyone so xvideos hentai happy xvids and pissed off at the same time. I also remember getting the beating of my life shortly after returning home. Well 'Welcome Back!'. I only hoped this time it would end less painfully. "What were you thinking Bransen? You nearly killed the rest xvido of the team, and destroyed the ship." He was in a huff though the creases in his forehead had started to smooth. He was happy I was awake. I remembered now. I had instructed the ship to download ship information to team members according to their area. I xvideos hd also remember accidentally powering up weapons and nearly disabled x videos.com the cloak before TK's systems shut down the process. I had leaked. Random thoughts became commands direct to the ship's computer. Millions of details and systems flooding in and out of my mind had been too much. "I'm sorry Doc. Khore talked to me. I heard him. Did you know the ship was telepathic? They're hurting tamil xvideos him Doc. The Kotanare coming! They're eating whole worlds!" I had a hundred things to say and my www.xvideo.com lips were barely mom xvideos able to keep up. I felt like I was crawling out of my skin. "Shhhhh... listen for a moment." Doc hushed me. "TK explain to him what has happened." "You cheated." TK answered. "The details TK, damn!" Doc shouted. A long sigh sounded through the room. "You asked for operations and xxvideos command system gay xvideos information to be absorbed. xvideos porno I performed your request. After you had operations information, you circumvented security protocol pulling in the rest of the ships systems justifying that they were needed for xxvideos operations. Basically you raped me. I feel x videos so violated!" sniff sniff... x videos "Cut the drama TK." Doc grumbled. "Basically you have been in contact with the Thoren science systems since you passed out. Or at least TK xvideos 2 has been. They've been insisting on face to face communication for the last three days and we aren't going to be able to stall them any longer. TK... only acknowledge verbal commands from Bransen and cut off all communications between his mind and your xvieos systems." "Agreed." Was x.videos TK's response. The low roar of my mind calmed. There were a hundred different thoughts buzzing around like flies but they were more manageable than I had expected. My training with Khore had helped more than I had realized. "How is the Team Doc?" I asked sitting up in bed. "They are doing well. You're contact with Kelay at the time of Khore's conception, and gay xvideos then again when Khore mingled with Dusty is the only thing that saved you, but we can discuss that later." Doc said eyeing me as I hopped off the table. Doc had been quick to grab my arm seeing me sway. I was dizzy for a moment but it passed. "It's okay Doc. I got it now." I reassured him. "TK, Command Level 1" I thought seeing the flash transport me to the command deck. "COM, Shipwide. All team members transport to Command Level 1 xvideos brasil immediately." I announced. I was standing on the command deck that floated in the center of the massive command station. Almost instantly I watched as Dusty and Neek were transported to the gay xvideos propulsion and power regulation station on my lower left. Sweed xvids and Raven appeared in a flash at the tactical station xvideos japan to my lower right. Twist and Rift appeared to my upper left on the weapons platform. Doc and Chris appeared on my upper right at the communications station. Every station had been built for two, and I missed my other half as I sat down in front of my console. "Please be seated" I commanded. Each sat in their station pulling the access terminal before them into place. "TK... open ship operations to my mind limiting it to only xvidos.com essential system. Propulsion, Tactical, Weapons, Communications, and Environmental." The information flooded my mind but was subdued. Concentrating I could single out smaller pieces of telugu xvideos the noise. It was www xvideos.com disorienting, but becoming easier. "Let's get airborn gentlemen." I announced. The command deck was phenomenal. A 360 degree virtual display surrounded us as we hovered at the core. xxxvideo On all sides I could see rock xvideos brasil and the land outside of us. Altering the view xvidos I could see past the stone wwwxvideos that encased us into xvideos free the atmosphere and beyond. It was more than www xvideos com a panoramic view. It was xxvideos three dimensional in xvidoes every detail, as if in the center of a xvideos japanese transparent sphere looking out. "Activate the displacement cloak." I commanded. I could see the stone www xvideos com and earth on the surface of the ship as www.xvideo we hollowed out our space within it. It looked like a bubble floating in the water that was rock around us. "Dusty, Neek, Get us desi xvideos out of this rock and don't take your time. They may not be able to see the ship, but they will definitely notice a huge hole appearing out of no where. Take behind the moon and match xvideos japan its orbit." xvideoss The ship rose as xvideos jp stone and earth seemed to crumble off of the ship. We lifted into the night before traveling at unknown speeds through the atmosphere and into space past the Sphere Major. The point of our rain drop shaped ship led the way as we came about behind the moon. Neek answered, "We are in position." He muddy brown eyes looked out in wonder. You could hear the awe in his voice. xvideos "Pretty fucking sweet xvideos porn ain't it!" TK blurted. I noticed Dusty give Neek's xvideo thigh a little squeeze as they smiled to one another. Raven's deep black xvideos teen eyes just porn xvideos stared. His x video white skin and dark features seemed to contrast xvidos against the black field of xvideos.con stars. Sweed didn't seem to be taking it as well as some of the others. His color had changed to a sickly green. "You okay over there Sweed?" He was breathing quickly but finally answered. "I'm afraid of xvedio heights." He said xvideos.con very quietly as he white knuckled the xvideos indo base of his seat. "Let go hd xvideos of your seat Sweed." I xx videos commanded. He sat in place, arms flexing to get xvideos. com a better hold, shaking his head back and forth. "TK... Transport Sweed one meter to the right of his current xvideos mom position." I commanded. A white flash took him from his chair as he floated in place flailing his arms and legs. He xvideos anal was hollering as though he had xvideos teen been splashed with icy water. We all watched as he finally calmed down and just floated in place regaining his composure. I couldn't help but to laugh. "You cannot fall here Sweed. You'll be okay. Put xvideo com him back TK" "Yes Bransen" and with a flash Sweed was back in his chair looking relieved. I still had to chuckle as I noticed his left hand reaching out to Raven's for comfort. What surprised me more was that Raven actually gave it to him. Maybe Raven was coming around after all. Who'd have thought being dunked in a shit tank would have such a positive affect on someone. Rift and Twist sat staring at the view. xvideos indonesia The starlight played along Rifts auburn hair free xvideos as he leaned into his companion. Twist jumped from the sudden contact but you could see him warm into the gentle pressure. Doc gaped as a giggle escaped Chris. Chris' green tamil xvideos eyes glimmered with excitement while it looked like Doc xvideoscom was preparing for his first coronary. "It's so small!" the Doc gasped. "That's not what you were yelling last night!" xvideos .com TK snapped. "Bite me!" Doc shot back. "Yep... that was one of the phrases! Save it for your office though hot stuff, I don't want that mess on xvideoscom the console." TK's replied. The rest of us were in hysterics. Sometimes, I was thankful for TK's attitude. It definitely helped to ease the tension of the moment. The noise xvedios dwindled down to sporadic giggles as we telugu xvideos regained our composure. "Chris, I want you to triangulate his position as soon as we get a reply. xvedios I want to know EXACTLY where he is. Patch xvids the xvideos com xvideoscom coordinates to my terminal." I said glancing at Chris. "Move us in front of the moon. I want xvideos gays a clear shot Neek. Twist, I want him targeted as soon as the coordinates are known. Rift, be prepared to cover our ass. Dusty, make sure that cloak comes back online as soon as possible if we fire. I don't want to stick around and be anyone's target." I ordered. "Communication will be telepathic if we establish communications with Keelon." "Chris, begin a transmission on all frequencies, voice only." I commanded. "Keelon, Leader of the Thoren people, The Kotanare coming to devour this planet and everything in their path. I would fight against these creatures, but I do not have the time to battle two enemies. I would like to reach some sort of agreement. I await your reply." End Transmission We sat in silence for xvidos.com several long minutes before receiving an answer. A three dimensional image formed ahead of us. It was transparent but not completely devoid of shape and color. "I would see the face of those who stole the Cystos before continuing further." The image was of an older man of 60th age. I could not comprehend the passage of time that this thing before us had been witness to, but I also doubted this was Keelon. A vain megalomaniac so bent on living forever would never let himself age like this. I free xvideos stood at my station. Chris: Open the signal video and audio. "I am Bransen, Captain of the Battlecruiser Cystos. Let's dispense with the games shall we. I am well aware you are not Keelon." I replied. The image shifted. Before us now sat a much younger xxxvideos looking man of maybe 21st age. He had long black curly hair that cascaded down his sides and xvideos.con hung to his knees. His www.xvideos com icy xvideo.com blue eyes glowed with power. His nose was thin leading to even thinner lips which curved into his pointed spear-like jaw. His skin was almost a blue white in color that stretched across his strong lithe body. He wore xvideo gay a white opalescent garment that gaped at the chest and billowed across his www.xvideo ivory muscle. It was gathered at the waist then continued porno xvideos to xvideos.com his feet. xvideos download He possessed a demon xvideo like beauty. "Indeed." Keelon's low timbered voice cut through the silence. "I had hoped to see specimen 143977." "If you are referring to Khore, he has other duties to attend to." I hoped the pain I felt didn't betray me. Chris! Where are those coordinates! I'm sorry Bransen, they're bouncing the signal all over hell. FIND HIM! "So then, are you prepared to return our property?" Keelon grinned. "You're more than welcome to come aboard any time you like Keelon." I smiled back. "Try it Keely boy xvideos 2 and I'll BBQ your wrinkled ass!" TK xvideos all but yelled. TK! NOT NOW! The image of Keelon doubled over with laughter. WHERE ARE THOSE COORDINATES CHRIS!? "Talp xx videos and Feril were always the tricksters." Keelon xvideos gay said calming himself. "I assume then that no Human or Thoren of pure blood may step foot on the ship then. No matter." I've almost got them. "We're wasting time Keelon." I stated. xvideos japan "Time xvideos tamil is all we have now xvideos video Bransen." Keelon answered. "Our scientists have gleaned enough genetic material to advance wwwxvideos.com us another hundred thousand years. We will find another and video x let the Kotanhave their way with this world." The transmission is originating from the third Sphere Major above the continent known as Australia. The coordinates are being fed to your terminals now. "Partial to Kangaroos and x video.com Kuala Bears Keelon?" I asked. Keelon's eyes widened xvieos in surprise. Give it all you've got TK. "Your time is up Keelon." I said with a smile. End Transmission FIRE! The ship de-cloaked as silver and blue light rippled along its surface from base to tip. The point erupted sending a thick beam of destructive energy to the Sphere Major causing it to explode in a halo of blue fire. Several beams of light from multiple Sphere xvidios Major rocked the ship before we were able to maneuver behind the moon. The repetition of systems repaired the damage and we were cloaked in seconds. "Move us to the destroyed sphere's location now! Level off above its previous coordinates. xvideos indonesia Give us a wide berth" I commanded. In seconds we sped from behind the moon to a position some six miles above the wwwxvideos.com destroyed Sphere Major dodging random beams of light. xvideos gays What better place to hide I thought. We watched as the Sphere Major xvideo.com suddenly attacked each other. www.xvideos It was complete chaos as they battled. We positioned ourselves eighty miles from xvideos porno the xvideos gay planet. xvidoes We watched wide eyed as porn xvideos the battle continued for hours as hundreds of Spheres destroyed each other. The battle of Sphere against Sphere finally ended as they spread themselves xvideos video out now much thinner across the planet. An image appeared before us. "This is acting xvideos japanese Captian xvideos com Trax of the science guild. We mean you no harm. I would speak with Khore immediately please." Before us stood the image of a man of maybe 30th age. He was thin and tired looking. His dirty unkempt blond hair barely capped his head being cut short at the ears and neck. His eyes were large and friendly framed in long dark lashes. He had an average nose and kind mouth with supple almost abnormally large lips. His body was thin and frail, but poised. Every movement was subtle and controlled as if choreographed. - - - You all make me worry.. I haven't heard a word since the xvido last chapter... Have I bored you? Either way... let me know... Feedback is my lifeline. Please submit criticism and suggestions to gaywriter72yahoo. As I have said in the past, this is my first story, so all of your help xxxvideo is appreciated. I hope to hear from you soon. For those of you wanting a more 'handy' story... heheh it's coming up. As always... xvideos indonesia take care! Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2006 19:11:29 -0700 (PDT) From: Gay Writer Subject: Earth Reborn 16 The following is a complete work of fi